Fish & Chips Restaurant

Great British Tradition
Established 1978


Established in 1978, BigBite is two generations family run restaurant. Despite time moving on, the quality, generosity and care that BigBite delivers to its customers has still remained.

We believe the national heritage of the Great British invention, fish and chips, something we have built our reputation on for 40 years will always be with us.

For us, turning out the perfect fish and chips is a labour of love. That's why we peel and cut our own chips, make our own special-recipe batter.

We endeavor to purchase the freshest fish from ethical and sustainable sources without compromising the high standards our loyal regulars come to expect.

The Journey

Come and try us to discover why we are the home of outstanding fish and chips since 1978. Fried the same way since 1978, we use fresh fish from the North Sea and delicious Cambridgeshire potatoes to make our own chips.

Fish delivered daily from sustainable waters and is chunky, flaky and perfectly cooked in a light crispy batter. Chips are crisp, firm and fluffy. Grade-A potatoes used. Frying oils changed daily.


We are proud to announce that our premises has received 5 star hygiene rating from the local environmental health officers.

Eat In or Take Away

You can take away your meal, or for only 1 pound extra for plate service, sit and relax in our restaurant.

You are welcomed to pre-order by calling us and have your fish freshly prepared.

Our Beliefs

We truly believe that fish and chips can be the tastiest meal you will ever eat. At BigBite, you can count on enjoying splendid traditional fish and chips, using superb sustainably sourced fish, in crispy golden batter served with wonderfully thick cut chips. Not to mention our fabulous freshly prepared A1 chickens, wrapped in our secret recipe coatings spit roasted or fried before your eyes.